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PREVISE is a virtual reality studio specializing in the field of industrial-scale Plant Design, Construction, Operation, Maintenance & Safety (HSE)

VR Platforms


Project Lifecycle Benefits

PREVISE Studio is specialized in creating industrial-scale plant in Virtual Reality; which can be used for design, construction and operation.

Translating the digitized information into 1:1 scale spatially accurate interactive environment allows Design Engineers to get a deeper understanding of the final plant before construction and to troubleshoot and find resolution well in advance of the commissioning activities.

VR visual walkthrough will be crucial and helpful during HAZOP and SIL study to verify Safety aspects.

VR/AR can help EPCs, Consultants, OEMs, Integrators to correct the design and take client approval much quicker. It saves huge design man-hours and repeat work. Moreover, Construction & Commissioning work will be trouble-free as well.

Virtual Reality can create a computer-generated representation of real or proposed process plant by importing multidisciplinary 3D models into VR pro-software during detail design.


Operation and Maintenance Benefits

Improved safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and environmental sustainability.