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Before the global pandemic, the world faced a daunting shortage of nurses, estimated at 5.9 million. Looking ahead, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) projected in 2021 that we'll need over 13 million nurses by 2030 to bridge this healthcare gap. At the heart of this challenge is the critical role of clinical nursing throughout the perioperative lifecycle for every patient. It's a shared responsibility of doctors and nurses to deeply understand patient needs, make precise diagnoses, and deliver top-notch treatment.

However, our educational systems, both in tertiary as well as technical and vocational education and training (TVET), are struggling to meet the growing demand for skilled healthcare workers. We believe that technology holds the key to preparing the next generation of nurses effectively.

That's why we've pioneered a groundbreaking solution: our Fundamentals of Nursing - Smart Experiential Learning Guide in 3D and VR. This innovation aligns education seamlessly with real-world clinical environments, offering an immersive experience that covers vital topics, such as Human Anatomy, Fundamentals of Nursing, Peri-Operative Care, and Introduction to Medical Devices. Our programs adhere to global best practices and standards, making them the first of their kind in the world for the medical and nursing community.

Our 3D and VR nursing Smart Learning Products empower students and professionals by providing a systematic guide to patient-centered care. This approach follows five sequential steps: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

With our cutting-edge healthcare VR products, you can equip the healthcare workforce of the future with the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed to excel in clinical practice. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter, healthier world.

3D VR Anatomy Pro

3D VR Anatomy Pro

3D and 3DVR Human Anatomy Pro app represents our comprehensive educational and learning package utilizing android and iOS mobile, tablet, desktop, projector screen and TV devices. It's the most complete, realistic and 3DVR immersive Human Anatomy app available with 11 human body systems of male and female  and over 3200 realistic anatomical structures. Feature rich content is delivered in a deeply engaging experience with excellent graphics, innovative presentation and visual delivery.

Fundamentals of Nursing

Fundamentals of Nursing

The global shortage of 7 million nurses, need for quality healthcare and its increasing demand puts pressure on many countries around the world to produce competitive and highly skilled nurses. To be able to cater this, Previse Studio developed 3D and Virtual Reality Technology based Nursing Training program which will supplement Nursing students to learn their roles and responsibilities at their own pace, anytime-anywhere, as they start their journey to learn the basic foundations of the course and the profession in general.


3DVR experiences enable students to practice technical skills, gain muscle memory, make errors safely and receive feedback to improve their performance, and most importantly, built their confidence level prior to working in real life with real patients. The biggest advantage of this technology is, students can repeat the same step in 3D and Virtual Reality environment as many times as they want till, they are confident to understand and handle any particular Nursing topic. Also teaching faculty can project the same on large screen and show realistic scenarios to teach Nursing in classrooms or even conduct web training globally.

PREVISE 3D VR Fundamentals of Nursing, self-learning software Application is divided into Four parts;


3DVR Fundamental of Nursing


  • Part I - Basic Nursing Care/ Skill

  • Part II – Performing Physical Examination

  • Part III - Administration of Medications

  • Part IV - Specimen collection

Introduction to Medical Devices

Introduction to Medical Devices

Welcome to Introduction to Medical devices. This 3D Application is very useful for Medical, Nursing student, Professors and professionals to get familiar with all types of Medical devices used in Healthcare system.


Medical Devices are considered a fundamental component of Health Systems and are products or equipment intended for a medical purpose; they're essential to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate illnesses and diseases in a safe and effective way.


It’s equally important for Doctors and nurses to learn and understand Principle and application of essential Medical devices used for patient care and life-saving surgeries during the Peri-Operative life cycle in every medical specialisation. With the right medical equipment, medical professionals can treat patients efficiently.


This Application covers over 450 High quality 2D and 3D models of medical devices with voice over and detail description, offers user friendly learning experience for Students and even professors for teaching.

PREVISE 3D Introduction to Medical Devices, Smart self-learning software Application divided into Five sections;


  • Section I – Medical Disposables

  • Section II – Diagnostic Devices

  • Section III – Laboratory Equipment’s

  • Section IV – Surgical Instruments

  • Section V – General Equipment’s

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VR Platforms


Previse Studio VR Platforms

Peri-Operative Care

Peri-operative Care

PREVISE 3DVR Perioperative Care Guideline program, is intended to update Medical students, interns, nurses, family medicine specialists, anaesthesiologists, surgeons and other healthcare professionals on perioperative assessment and management. This Smart Learning modules will focus on the practical approach, clinical side of Preoperative Care, Intra Operative Safety, Intra Operative Patient Safety, Post-Operative PACU Care and PADDS Guidelines.

3D Virtual Reality training provides, an ideal opportunity for medical students, nursing students, faculty staff, and professionals, to gain exposure to new scenarios, and gain a better perspective, on medical issues through, immersive experiences in 3D Virtual Reality, that provide them with almost practical experiences; but without the associated risk of participating, in an actual medical case at a hospital.

PREVISE 3DVR Peri Operative Care Guidelines, self-learning software Application divided into Five parts;


  • Part I – Pre Operative Guidelines

  • Part II A – Intra Operative OT Room Safety Guidelines

  • Part II B – Intra Operative Surgical Safety Guidelines

  • Part III – Post Operative PACU Guidelines

  • Part IV – Post Operative PADDS Guidelines

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