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Before the global pandemic, the world faced a daunting shortage of nurses, estimated at 5.9 million. Looking ahead, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) projected in 2021 that we'll need over 13 million nurses by 2030 to bridge this healthcare gap. At the heart of this challenge is the critical role of clinical nursing throughout the perioperative lifecycle for every patient. It's a shared responsibility of doctors and nurses to deeply understand patient needs, make precise diagnoses, and deliver top-notch treatment.

However, our educational systems, both in tertiary as well as technical and vocational education and training (TVET), are struggling to meet the growing demand for skilled healthcare workers. We believe that technology holds the key to preparing the next generation of nurses effectively.

That's why we've pioneered a groundbreaking solution: our Fundamentals of Nursing - Smart Experiential Learning Guide in 3D and VR. This innovation aligns education seamlessly with real-world clinical environments, offering an immersive experience that covers vital topics, such as Human Anatomy, Fundamentals of Nursing, Peri-Operative Care, and Introduction to Medical Devices. Our programs adhere to global best practices and standards, making them the first of their kind in the world for the medical and nursing community.

Our 3D and VR nursing Smart Learning Products empower students and professionals by providing a systematic guide to patient-centered care. This approach follows five sequential steps: assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

With our cutting-edge healthcare VR products, you can equip the healthcare workforce of the future with the skills, confidence, and knowledge needed to excel in clinical practice. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter, healthier world.

3D VR Anatomy Pro

3D VR Anatomy Pro

3D and 3DVR Human Anatomy Pro app represents our comprehensive educational and learning package utilizing android and iOS mobile, tablet, desktop, projector screen and TV devices. It's the most complete, realistic and 3DVR immersive Human Anatomy app available with 11 human body systems of male and female  and over 3200 realistic anatomical structures. Feature rich content is delivered in a deeply engaging experience with excellent graphics, innovative presentation and visual delivery.